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Just A short Note of thanks for providing the sefety consultancy and logging our books in such a short time frame. Shawn And I very pleased with the results.


Safetrans Consulting Inc.

We at Safetrans help our clients in setting up their transportation businesses the right way. Whether you operate with just one truck, or with a big fleet of trucks, Safetrans manages all your paperwork expertly, right from incorporation and licenses, to maintaining records in the long run.

NSC Safety consultants

Safetrans NSC Safety consultants provides a variety of high quality safety solutions. The team of professionals specialize in commercial driver training-keeping transport drivers safe on the road. Safetrans National Safety Consultants were committed to their superior customer service and total quality management that allows Safetrans to meet your every need efficiently and cost effectively.

Here are just some of the services we provide:

  • We ensure that your safety plans are implemented correctly, and that you are certified to conduct your business.
  • We also conduct safety training for your drivers, which will help your business in avoiding the foreseeable losses.
  • We set up new companies for you with all the required paperwork and licenses from IFA, NY, NM and KY, along with e-manifest, carrier codes, and with just about anything that you need for a transportation business.
  • We keep track of your permits, and renew them at the right time.
  • Help your company and your staff in passing all the certification tests including PIP, CSA and CTPAT.
  • Represent your company during audits in Canada and the United States

Certifications and licenses

Your transportation business may be simple, but you still require over a dozen licenses and certifications to move goods between Canada and the United States. With our assistance, you will get all your carrier certificates including CSA, PIP, and C-TPAT & PIP in a matter of just a few days, with minimal fuss.


Safetrans National Safety Consultants will help you comply with e-manifest regulations. You will need to produce data about the nature and quantity of good that you are going to transport across the border. We maintain all the logs required to generate this data on the fly, and send them across to the concerned authorities. This will ensure that you face no problems during the north / south border crossings.

We at Safetrans NSC Safety consultants take care of the paperwork and maintenance, so you can focus on serving your customers, and ensuring that your drivers are happy. We have been helping out many businesses across Canada in running their fleet of trucks efficiently, so that they are able to deliver the goods on time.

If you are into transportation business, please feel free to contact us today for a free quote. We will assist you in streamlining each and every aspect of your business, and also in maintaining your important paperwork in the long run.

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